Ragdoll Cats

Female Ragdoll Cats (Queens)

Here are my Beautiful Female Ragdoll Cat (Queens) moms. Each is truly a masterpiece in herself. Our Rockstar Female Ragdoll cats usually weigh between 8 and 12 pounds, although there have been exceptions. We buy only the best quality females to work with to make our own lines stronger, it takes a village to raise a kitten not just a mom & Godmother.

When a mom is expecting she is moved to the front part of the house where I can keep an eye on them constantly, here she raises her new Ragdoll kittens . Ragdoll kittens are irresistible and now moms have their own nursery areas.

Please note that NOT all of our Female Ragdoll cats are bred every year, we like to rotate them yearly or bi yearly.

Our kittens are very popular due to great socialization so reserve yours early.

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Ragdoll Male Cats (Sires)

Pinkerton’s Male Ragdoll Cats (Sires)

Here are my beautiful Ragdoll Males Cats. All of them are very gentle and loving and are beautiful examples of the Ragdoll breed.  Neutered males range from 10 to 20 pds and sometimes even more. They are extremely lovable and loyal. Our male ragdoll cats  have it made and  have their own room and are never caged raised.  When breeding a pair we have two very spacious breeding apartments for their use.