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The spirit within us is an amazing thing and I encourage you not to give up the fight.  I have always loved cats with a passion and to the extreme, Up until the time that I got my first ragdoll kittens I had always had strays. My best friend after which I named my Ragdoll Cattery was a red domestic longhair whom shared my life for 21 years, unfortunately in between hospital stays I lost the feline love of my life.

Pinkerton and I had been together since I was 17 yrs old. I also have several other  domestics and Ragdolls that share my life, each bringing a special touch to it. Without their companionship going thru life and this illness I would have been lost.

There is a certain love and bond that “normal” people don’t understand about animals.  I have a very special bond with all of my pets whom have always been there with me after my surgeries and bad or lonely days when my family could not be here to comfort me.

It was while doing pet therapy programs that I met my first Ragdoll cat. I had to have one, then two LOL. I saved and bought my first Ragdoll kittens. After a couple of years passing and much consideration Jeff decided to breed them when I learned my breeder was retiring. As this was a very hard moral decision to make we try to take the very best care of the animals in our possession.

I believe the Ragdoll cat is a valuable “catpanion” (not that domestics are not) I am lucky to have my days filled with taking care of the house and family (unfortunately due to Crohn’s disease). I get to be here to spoil your future Ragdoll kittens.

Socialization of our Ragdoll kittens are extremely important , and we work very hard at it. I feel assured we can offer you a well rounded kitten that is lovingly raised underfoot as none of our adults or kittens are ever cage raised. I handle these babies from the day they are born until its time to place them in your loving arms.

Each Ragdoll  kitten is individually accessed to find their purr-fect family match and kittens here are never weaned early. Each kitten is also allowed to mature at its own time frame, we do not push babies out of the nest for a quick buck as we don’t ever want to set a kitten up to fail.

Now let us add a little pink to your life and share a Pinkerton Ragdoll cat or kitten with your family.


The day after Xmas 2017,

This day is literally burned into my mind forever…

As I was in the cattery I looked from the cattery window into the front of the house, I thought to myself wow it was a really orange sunset tonight, It took my mind a few seconds to realize what was happening…

My house was on Fire !!!  I ran to the front porch where the dog house was and it was consumed in flames, I tried to put it out but just couldn’t. Once the fire caught the front of the house, I couldn’t get back into the front door. The house was locked…with my pets inside !! In that split second I calculated the odds…

I called my vet and just yelled my house is on fire to please get a vet on the scene. I then called 911 and we get terrible reception she could not hear my address.  I told her I don’t have time to wait, Om dtopping the cell phone in the front yard to ping my address that I needed to go.


Have you sat there long enough to really contemplate what you would do in this situation ?  It has been a tad over 2 yrs that I can now sit here and tell you my story and I am certainly shaking and can’t stop.

I am going to tell you the good and the bad of our world today.. Maybe you will take a moment to consider how we treat each other and that words and actions can be as sweet as cake or can cut us as deeply as knives.

I AM a warrior, a fighter and a survivor of many things …. Crohn’s disease, radical surgeries and treatments, The loss of my left eye… These trial’s and tribulations make us whom we are.

I’ll tell you what I did but by now you might already have guessed ?

Adrenaline, thank GOD for the fight or flight response.. mine was to fight, I guess it’s just something in me that refuses to give up. No neighbors close enough to run to so I ran to the back yard and tried to kick the French doors open, I ended up fracturing my foot ( I didn’t know that until later) I couldn’t get it open sooooo….. I backed up in the yard as far as I could and my my arms into and X to cover my face and head and took off running right to the middle of the doors, I felt them give and landed on my knees in the back addition to our home which was the cattery , I grab my 20 yr old parrot ake and put her on a tree she was not clipped I could only pray she would not fly away.

I had kittens in my bedroom/bathroom at the front/side of the house  and I was moving so fast that I scared the soon to be expectant kitty into hiding. I ran into my bedroom and shut the door and the run to the bathroom scared the sleeping babies and some scurried out into the bedroom just upon instinct I slammed to door and opened the window and knocked the screen out while dropping the mommy and kittens by the handful out the bathroom window and praying they would be okay.This took several minutes but felt like eternity.

I could hear the picture window living room explode and after trying to find the kittens that escaped into my room I knew I had to go. I opened the bedroom door and all I can remember is smoke and the bight orange flames coming full force into the Livingroom Picture window spreading across the front of the house and now thru the middle of the house. I searched frantically for the pregnant mommy, my first Cinnamon produced here , something that I had worked 5 years to achieve an  after trying to cover my face and the smell that changed when the fire started to devour our belonging changed to an electrical smell while burning

If I didn’t leave now then  I never would. There were still the majority of cats back in the cattery and I had to get help. I covered my face and ran into the cattery closing the doors behind me thinking at least that will buy me some time. I thought it would be easy to get the cats out….. I WAS WRONG !!!

I thought I would grab them by the handful and toss them out the door I had just broken thru as I am hearing the fire rage behind us, what I DID NOT expect was for them to claw me to death and come running back INTO the house. They were as fast as I could throw them out. I was exhausted and fell to the floor, I caught my breath and the cattery window separating the cattery from the kitchen exploded and the room was rapidly filling with smoke, thank God heard a siren coming and I knew it was for me. At this time I felt something brush against my leg and it was our beloved 14 yr old German Shepherd owner of said doghouse on the once front porch, I did not know he had made it out of the dogs house due to hip dysplasia, which is why he had a heater on a cold winter day… that took everything from us. This gave me renewed strength and hope, not exactly what I expected…. A gruff cop that thought no damn cat’s were worth saving… he was wrong these pets were loved by me and I owed it to them to protect them if I could. I just kept at it no matter what he was yelling at me. I finally told him he could just shut up and help by putting the kittens I had gathered up into a bathtub sitting in the yard. He obliged but refused to let me go back into the house. I made one daring last entrance while he met the fire department, MY Kings, my boys, my darlings.. Somehow and I dont know how but I managed to pick up all 5  of them in one huge bear hug and get them to a car to lock them up in.

The fire men arrive, it takes what seems forever  the house has been burning right down the middle and my phone battery was on its last leg, I sent out one message via FB and said my house is burning down. My phone died.. Next everything was a whirlwind to say I was in shock was an understatement. Dark was approaching and I told them I didn’t care about anything in the from of the house or the sides to just get to the back wall between the kitchen and cattery, they did by 1 door !! I wait in the Christmas cold in nothing but a tshirt and jeans, I am exhausted, wet and cold ( Please someone in emergency and police carry some damn blankets <3 My husband arrives as they are putting out the fire and we are waiting at the steps as firefighters bring out my remaining cats one by one as my vet carted them off to his clinic. I was in shock.  My Cinnamon pregnant mom did not make it and neither did Minka and her 3 kittens, I was devastated.

here’s what happened next… Are you ready ? To be continued…


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We have clients from many states around the country and walks of life. We like parents to visit but understand this may not be possible in every situation which is why we can ship your Ragdoll Kitten to you, this entails us being in constant contact with you and the airlines to make sure they arrive safely.